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About ShotPitch

ShotPitch is a one touch connect,discovery and Pitching mobile product for startups to investor and technologists around the world. As a startup you can send your product to any investor/technologist around the world on a tap. As an Investor, you can discover great startups on the go.

Prashant Sharma
Founder and CEO
Prashant is “the negotiator” of our team. He is someone who can sell ice in cold. Prashant is an alumnus of Tim Draper’s Draper University program. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT Jamshedpur. While at college, he represented India at international automobile competitions. Prashant brings in a good experience of the Indian startup ecosystem as he has been contributing to the startup ecosystem in India (particularly, Bangalore) through Headstart Network Foundation for over 3 years now. Having personally interacted with 1000+ aspiring/existing entrepreneurs and 200+ investors he has had the opportunity to understand the pain points closely. He brings in leadership, vision and execution for ShotPitch. The undying hunger to help entrepreneurs and investors thrive keep him going.

Prashant is also our in-house comedian. He is always up for coffee/beer with interesting folks. So, feel free to ping him!

Nagesh Bansal
Co-Founder and CTO
Nagesh is our Head Geek with solid business skills. One just cannot mess with him when it comes to getting quality work done on time. A computer science graduate from NIT Trichy, Nagesh has worked at Adobe for over 3 years. At Adobe, he worked on Oz, the photography cloud which is the backbone of apps like Lightroom, Revel, Photoshop Elements and Videobite. He was also the Green Champion at Adobe and helped organise many CSR events. Nagesh has the innate ability to grasp new things that comes his way. He brings in the implementation ability and the product focus to the team. He also has good entrepreneurial experience. From starting a company during college to running the show for his family business, Nagesh knows every aspect of business.

Nagesh is a foodie and is like a human version of Yelp. If you ever want business or product advice, just invite Nagesh to his favorite restaurant or cafe!



Q. How do I register?

As a Startup, you need to download the app and sign up as a Startup with your LinkedIn or email. After you sign up, you will get access to a registration form. Please complete it and proceed. Once you provide your complete information, you will need to submit a 30-seconds pitch video as well. In this 30 seconds, we want to give the vital information which one cannot get from reading your profile.

Q. What happens after we submit?

After you submit the completed form along with the 30-seconds pitch video, our team of experts go through the information provided to make a decision on whether to approve you on ShotPitch or not. You will receive the approval notification on the app within 24 hours.

Q. Why do we have to be shortlisted to access the product?

At ShotPitch, our intention is to be the fastest and most efficient product for great startups to connect, discover and pitch to curated investors around the world. In this endeavor, we want to ensure that we are doing a strict curation on both the sides to help drive the most value.

Q. What happens if we don't get approved on ShotPitch?

The decision of not approving is based on several factors. Some of them are, team is not full-time, product is not built yet, idea is on paper, raising money without proper calculation. Unless you have a proven track record as an individual, it is hard to raise money in these situations.  We want you to understand that if you get rejected on ShotPitch, it’s never about your startup is not fundable. It just means that you are not ready yet. We will always be in touch with you to provide you with necessary assistance in getting ready for funding.

Q. What happens when my startup gets approved?

Once you are approved, please complete your one-minute pitch video. This is a very important aspect of your profile on ShotPitch. Trust us, an investor is able to decide within the first 20-seconds of a video whether they want to watch further or not. Only after submitting this pitch-video you can proceed further on ShotPitch.


Q. How do I register?

As an investor, you can sign up using LinkedIn or email. Once you sign up, we will approve the request from back-end. This step is to ensure that we on-board only verified investors.

Q. What happens after verification?

We usually approve the sign up requests within 24 hours. Once approved, you will get a notification on the app that will prompt you to complete your investor profile. The completion of profile won’t take more than three minutes of your valuable time.

Q. What happens after profile completion?

Once your profile is completed, you are all set on ShotPitch. Based on your profile and preferences, curated startups will be able to see your profile. We have built the product in a way that it is completely non-interfering, which means that whatever happens on ShotPitch never goes to your mail and you can use the product as per your convenience.

Q. How do I see the Pitches?

When startups pitch to you, you will get a push notification. The pitches would come in a cards format for you and you can go through it in not more than 1.5 minutes. Please see the images above to get a clear picture of how a pitch card would look like.

Q. What can I do with the Pitch card?

There is only one-call-to-action  on every pitch card – Shortlist. While going through the card, if you are interested to take the conversation forward with a particular startup you can Shortlist to get connected. If you want to reject a particular card, press feedback and you can leave a 140-characters feedback for the startup. If you want to see a card at a later point of time, swipe left.

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What Customers Say.

If someone had told me we’d find our first Angel investor by pitching via an app, I’d have laughed at them. Yet, today, here we are beaming with joy thanks to ShotPitch.
Nikhil - Entrepreneur
Great curation of startups by ShotPitch. As an Investor it is a delight to be able to browse startups on the go and get connected instantly when interested.
Kris - Investor
It took us 5 mins to create our profile, 1 min everyday to check investor cards. In just 4 weeks and after 2 investors we found our match. We focused on building our product and ShotPitch brought the right investor to us.
Amith - Entrepreneur

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